IT05: Conducting Vendor Interviews

Dancing to Find the Prince

Step 5: Dancing To Find The Prince

Time to make the calls.

Here we go! Let’s see what pops up. I suggest that more than one of your staff is participating in the interviews. You might want to make a copy of the questions and note their answers. Ask open ended questions and please don’t recite some of the things I have written.

You might want to consider these points:

  1. Were they prompt in answering your request to meet?

  2. If they kept the appointment, were they on time?

  3. What was your impression of their appearance and message?

  4. How did they respond to your questions?

  5. What will they accomplish on their first site visit?

  6. What are their plans for the future?

  7. How do they feel about servicing you?

  8. Do you think you are a good fit for them?

  9. How much experience do they have in your vertical?

  10. What was their most difficult project?

  11. What would they do differently now?

  12. What unique offers did they make about your concerns?

  13. How clear is their fee schedules?

  14. Describe a client similar to you.

  15. What have they learned since beginning the business?

Next Step: Support Implementation

This paper is one of a series created to help educate and support IT and other decisions for businesses for over 40 years. 

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IT05: Conducting Vendor Interviews
Cletus Robinson October 13, 2020
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