Odoo Training Courses

SSI is a leading Odoo partner, deeply integrated with many of our clients to provide essential business support. We take pride in our position as a frontrunner in Odoo Training, offering courses ranging from basic to advanced use case management practices.

All training courses can be delivered as-built, or can be fully customized to suit our clients' specific training goals. These courses can cater to users with varying levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced users, and cover a wide range of topics relevant to Odoo implementation and management.

  • Instructor-Led
  • Industry Best Practices
  • On and Off-Site Hosting Options Available


virtual / on-site

Odoo Basics for Beginners

An introductory course covering the fundamentals of navigating and using Odoo's core modules.

virtual / on-site

Advanced Odoo Configuration

Explore advanced configuration options in Odoo to customize workflows, fields, and views according to business requirements.

virtual / on-site

Odoo HR Management

Understand how to use Odoo's Human Resources (HR) module for employee management, attendance tracking, leave management, and payroll processing.

virtual / on-site

Odoo Troubleshooting and Support

Gain skills in troubleshooting common issues in Odoo, including debugging techniques, error handling, and seeking support from the Odoo community.

virtual / on-site

Odoo Migration Strategies

Understand the process of migrating from older versions of Odoo to the latest version, including data migration, module compatibility, and testing.

virtual / on-site

Odoo Documents Mastery

From basic document organization to advanced automation features, this course equips learners with the skills needed to streamline document workflows and enhance productivity.


virtual / on-site

Odoo Sales Management

Dive deep into the Sales module of Odoo, covering sales order management, quotations, invoicing, and reporting.

virtual / on-site

Odoo CRM Essentials

Learn how to set up and manage the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module in Odoo for effective lead management and customer communication.

virtual / on-site

Odoo POS (Point of Sale) Setup

Master the setup and configuration of Odoo's Point of Sale (POS) system for retail businesses, including product management, payment methods, and reporting.

Inventory​​ + Manufacturing

virtual / on-site

Odoo Manufacturing Essentials

Explore the Manufacturing module in Odoo, covering bill of materials (BOM), work orders, production planning, and quality control.

virtual / on-site

Odoo Inventory Control

Gain proficiency in managing inventory in Odoo, including stock management, warehouse configurations, and inventory valuation methods.

virtual / on-site

Odoo Barcode Essentials

In this hands-on training class, participants will learn how to leverage Odoo's barcode functionalities to optimize inventory management and streamline operations.


virtual / on-site

Odoo Analytic Accounting Mastery

Discover the power of Odoo's Analytic Accounting module in this intensive course, where participants will learn to track and analyze financial data with precision. Through practical exercises and real-world examples, participants will gain the expertise needed to implement advanced analytic accounting techniques.

virtual / on-site

Odoo Reporting and Business Intelligence

Explore Odoo's reporting capabilities and learn how to create custom reports, dashboards, and analytical views to gain insights into business performance.

virtual / on-site

Odoo Accounting Fundamentals

Learn the basics of accounting in Odoo, including setting up chart of accounts, journal entries, reconciliation, and financial reporting.


virtual / on-site

Odoo E-commerce Integration

Learn how to integrate Odoo with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento for seamless order management and synchronization.

virtual / on-site

Odoo Website Builder

Discover how to create and customize websites using Odoo's website builder, including designing pages, adding content, and optimizing for SEO.


virtual / on-site

Odoo Purchase Management

Master the Purchase module of Odoo, including vendor management, purchase orders, receipt of goods, and supplier invoices.

virtual / on-site

Odoo Purchase Agreements

Unlock the full potential of Odoo's Purchase Agreements (Blanket Orders) module in this comprehensive training course, equipping participants with the skills to efficiently manage procurement contracts and optimize supplier relationships.