What Do We Do?

Reflection for a New Year

As we enter 2024, I sat down to reflect on what exactly it is that we do here. There are so many different roles that we play for each customer in our nearly 45 years in business. While the definition continues to move, the thing that is clear to me is that we do what our customers need us to do to help. 

We serve as trusted advisors, consultants and contractors for hire, and we are experts in Odoo.

Odoo Experts

The first thing we have to be to all new customers is an expert in the software that runs their business. We have to provide satisfying answers to their complex Odoo questions. We have to understand the business need and how the software can meet it.

Business Process Engineers

We constantly find ourselves deeply engaged in consulting projects to help customers optimize their business processes. Often, this means that we have to leverage our Odoo Expert status in order to do so. But sometimes, we just share the different ways that other customers have tackled a problem, etc. 

We've seen a lot of different warehouse picking methods, different AP processes, and CRM systems. We seek to share that wisdom with our clients and help them to find the right match for their business.

System Administrators

For many of our customers we play the role of system administrator. We work to manage their domain settings, emails, user access, password resets etc. We also process complex imports and exports for them such as mass price changes (vendors or customers), etc. We often work with the end users to ensure their access to Odoo, etc.

Accounting Services

A growing part of our business are accounting services. The accounting services piece is new as of 2022, but continues to grow. For many years, we had customers ask us to refer them to an accountant with Odoo experience. Over time, seeing a need in the market I decided we could fill that void. There aren't enough accounting firms in the US to meet the demand currently. We're pleased to help with everything from routine bookkeeping tasks, and fractional CFO services.

Software Developers

The primary role of our business historically has been to modify ERP software. It's the service that built our company. As Odoo has grown, the feature set continues to grow with it. We still do a lot of customization and purpose built modules that customers need to close the gaps, often as it relates to their specific industry.

What Do We Do?
Kyle Robinson December 28, 2023
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