Our Lady of Mercy Tracks IT Assets with Odoo

How the school leveraged Odoo to manage their 1:1 device ratio.

About Our Lady of Mercy

Our Lady of Mercy (OLOM) Catholic School is a co-ed parochial school offering grades 3 year old through eighth. Located in the heart of Baton Rouge's Mid-City area, the school has served the community since 1953. The school’s motto, Prayer – Knowledge – Service, is the foundation of the Catholic education provided. Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School partners with parents to identify each child’s unique talents and needs, so that the individual develops to the fullest potential in an atmosphere of Christian faith and love.

Devices in the Classroom

Over the past few years OLOM's Instructional Technology Coordinator, Jacqueline Bello, has worked tirelessly to bring the best tools available into the classroom for students. Technology in education is a major initiative all over the world, and the deployment has been more important than ever in 2020. Remote learning initiatives were put into overdrive amongst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Through grants, and private purchase the school has acquired hundreds of iPad's and issued them to the students. Intitally the school set out to track the devices in excel spreadsheets but it quickly became clear that a more sophisticated solution would be required. Jacqueline contacted SSI for help implementing Odoo.

Asset Tracking in Odoo

OLOM has leveraged the Odoo Equipment Module and the Maintenance Module to track their equipment. Devices are tracked by:

  • Serial Number

  • Purchase Method

  • Vendor Reference

  • Purchase Date

  • Equipment Category

  • Warranty Expiration Date

  • Student

OLOM was able to print asset tags that are put on each device. The barcode on the device can be scanned into Odoo for immedate lookup of the device.

Maintenance Tracking in Odoo

Within the maintenance module in Odoo, tickets (Maintenance Requests) can be created and tracked. Each incident receives a unique identifier (Case Number) and can be tracked for repair.

For example a cracked screen event can be tracked by date, student, and vendor that the device was sent to for repair. Upon completion of the repair the devices case history is permanently stored for future reference.

Our Lady of Mercy Tracks IT Assets with Odoo
Kyle Robinson December 9, 2020
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