Odoo Accounting done right.

We will provide satisfying answers to your complex Odoo accounting questions.

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Accounting First

It's been said that "Accounting is the language of business." We speak the language well and we don't think you should settle for a partner who does not.

SSI prides itself in being the premier Odoo Accounting partner in North America. We will provide satisfying answers to your complex Odoo accounting questions. A quality ERP implementation starts first with the Chart of Accounts. 

All of our projects are built around the expected outcomes that your accounting team defines. First we will implement the accounting module, then work from there into building operations processes that feed the financial reporting you've always wanted in your business.

CFO Approved

Your CFO will appreciate our direct answers and detailed answered to complex accounting questions.

We speak GAAP

We are a US company. Don't trust your accounting implementation to a team who doesn't work under your standards.

On Your Team

We serve customers with one Bookeeper to a large accounting team. We are your accounting team partner.

Our Experience Includes

General Ledger

Robust experience in training and implementing the complete Chart of Accounts including Cash Flow Statements, Executive Summaries, and Financing Operations.

Analytic Accounting

We can help you to maximize the use of Analytic Accounts and Analytic Tags. Build the financial reporting model that you've always wanted to help you make better decisions.

Credit Card Payments

Get paid quickly by supporting online payment with credit cards. We support main payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.net, Ingenico, Paypal, Adyen, etc.

Fixed Assets

We can train and implement your fixed asset requirements to automate entries and keep your depreciation schedule current. We have helped customers depreciate technology assets, vehicles, shop equipment, buildings, and more.

Multi-Company Accounting

SSI has experience with both Odoo multi-company accounting and the Odoo Consolidation application. If you intend to manage multiple General Ledgers we are here to help.

Inventory Valuation

We understand the importance of your inventory valuation. We can help you to find the right configurations in Odoo to drive the results you are looking for. We have experience with all of Odoo's valuation methods and are experts in building complex valuation solutions.

Job Costing

If you are in the construction or the job shop business, you need a partner who has experience with job costing concepts in Odoo. While it's a less frequently touted solution, we have built (and can show you) extreme job costing management tools.

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Sales Tax Automation

SSI has experience with several different sales tax automation platforms. These platforms will automatically lookup the tax rates in the markets that you sell into. Our experience includes:

  • Avalara
  • TaxJar
  • Tax Cloud

Expense Reporting

We highly recommend the expense reporting application in Odoo. It seems like so many of our customers spend un-necessary time with disconnected software. If you are using Odoo for your General Ledger, consider adding the Expenses Module with help from our team.

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We have experience in creating NACHA files (Payment Orders) since Version 12 of Odoo. We can help to automate your ACH payment of your vendors.